Friday, 6 November 2009

Top Commentators Widget for Blogger

This top commenters widget is a wonderful tool for giving back to your most loyal readers. It's a great way to inspire your constituents to keep making useful comments on your blog. The widget displays links to to the top commentators websites and can easily be implemented in your blog's sidebar.

Create Your Top Commenter's Widget
Widget Title ::

Blog url: http://

eg: for Blog*Spot Domains

or for Custom Domains.

Filter your name

Number of Commenters in the list:

>" type="submit">


  • Calculates the top commentators on your blog based on the last 100 comments.
  • Displays the Commenter's Name with a link to their Site URL.
  • You may also filter your own name so that you will not appear as a top commenter.
  • Choose the number of commenters you wish to display. The default value is 5.

  • This plugin functions differently from the Recent Comments Widget.

Installing the Top Commentators Widget:

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