Friday, 6 November 2009


Prophet Muhammad was born on Monday, 12-year-Awwal Rabi'ul Elephant (20 April 571 BC) was the son of Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib and his mother Aminah bint Wahab.The parents from the tribe of Quraysh respected and calls for elephan year when the birth Elephants.Its attacked Mecca King Abraha and his soldiers intended to destroy the Kaaba. GOD protect the sacred building called by dropping pebbles from hell Sijjil and they will fail.
His father died when he was in womb.He mother's milk feeding by Halima Al-old.Sa 4 years' Diyah during 5 years of age 2 years he had visited at least hart.At dissected Angel She returned to her mother. His mother died at the age of 6 he became tahun.So yearsold was not called orphans cared parents.He his grandfather Abdul Muttalib named for 3 years, because his grandfather kept died.So than uncle named Abu Talib, the figure of 12 years when Quraish . At uncle invited to a land trade ministers met Bahira named Syam.They can give an indication of a candidate that he is the World Leader.
The age of 25 years the Prophet married to Siti Khadijah, a widow, and rich Solehah meca Mekah.People in this city was given the title 35 years by the Mecca of "Al-Amin" which means "Beliveman". In the 40 years was appointed the Apostle, with the fall in the Cave of Hira 1 letter-Alaq QS.Al 1-5.

At age 53 years and the condition of the situation in Mecca was jahilliyah, the atrocities that have migrated to Medina to gather from the date of 10 Ramadan power.On year 8 Hijri, the People of the Prophet from Medina was defeated and captured the city of Mecca to destroy the idols in the Kaaba. Finally, they are subject to unbelievers (QS.An-Nasr 1-3, QS.Al-Isra).


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